Monday, 13 July 2009

Going on holiday

I've been on holiday recently. Nowhere fancy, mind you. In fact, I found myself back in my old stomping ground in London catching up with friends and family that it had been too long in not seeing. It totally did the job. I stepped away from the noise and fog of my current day-to-day existence and stepped into London’s own melee, only in the latter's case reconnecting with a lifetime of familiarity - the cancellations on the London Underground because of the wrong kind of sun; the crazily busy shopping districts stuffed full of people not really shopping; the cardiac arrest-inducing pounding of the pocket; the choice of drizzle or a sheet of grey sky at the click of a switch. But that’s what made it all fine. It was bizarrely reassuring.

I know, I know we’re meant to look forward and avoid living too much in the past, and many of my memories are so very rose tinted. The fact is we all move on. But it was a world I know and had partly forgotten and one that was oddly comforting. And it wasn’t about, as those boys at Oasis may say, looking back in anger. It was just nice. After all, life doesn’t always have to be new, fresh and exciting, does it?


  1. Catching up with friends and family, especially after a long absence, can be a wonderful experience. I like London, with all its hustle and bustle. No shortage of things to see and do there. I prefer a warmer climate, though.

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  2. It sounds perfectly wonderful. Glad it recharged your batteries. I don't think life always has to be new & exciting, but some times the most exciting things are our day to day life when looked at through new eyes. :)

  3. Thanks BoneLady - I'll also refer your blog to a friend of mine that coincidentally was talking about the issue quite recently.

    And Just me, I totally agree - being able to take a fresh look at things defintitely has its merits.