Thursday, 17 September 2009

Time and money

I sometimes feel stuck - trapped by my own deliberations. For example, I've got a bit of money in my pocket, not ill-gotten, not intended for anywhere very, very important. It’s just there. Then the trouble begins. Maybe I should save it. Maybe I should buy that bright shiny thing that sits in the department store window. Maybe I should spend it on a slap-up meal even though I'm not hungry. Maybe I should really take that holiday that I know I really need but have been putting off because I always feel I should be spending my money on something more important... I guess we all get those days and moments - trying to align your time, money, energy with your priorities in life. I guess once you're aware of what your priorities are and it gets far easiest to make those important decisions.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hilary and the real world

I was having one of those days today. You know the ones. Bored, frustrated, annoyed with work and their clear disregard of my superior abilities/sensitivities/financial needs/wish to be somewhere less boring instead.

The petulant schoolboy was kicking around in my head for much of the day, realising how everything was "so unfair" and ensuring that, by royal command, I was next in line to be awarded a 'Victimhood' .

Later in the evening I found myself kicking around the internet and fell upon the amazing story of Hilary Lister, a female quadriplegic that became the first disabled woman to sail around Britain solo.

Another amazing example of human endeavour. One read of the story and I knew it was time to shut up.