Monday, 8 February 2010

Money’s too tight to mention

There's one thing that I'm really trying to get to grips with - money. It's not money, per se, as I have enough to eat, sleep and make merry, but I seem to find myself beating myself up over nothing at times. A case in point - I have a pretty tatty and rubbish mobile phone and have been thinking quite a lot about getting an iPhone or some other new-fangled smartphone. I can afford it and quite like the look of those kind of things. But I just can't quite dig into my pockets.

Without wanting to over-analyse the basis of this, I was brought up to be very aware of how I spent money. We didn't have much and knew how to make money stretch so to speak. I guess I developed a sense of the importance of value. To be fair, I'm quite good with money - I don't get enticed into spending by a nice window display or a bad mood. I tend to know how much I've got in the bank, where I can get discounts and when I should be investing. But I still don't think my relationship with money is as healthy as it could be. That's because I think I'm limited by fear. Fear that I'll need the money one day, perhaps. I can almost feel the caution overwhelming me everytime I go into a mobile phone shop. Very strange.

And being limited in such a way I kind of feel I'm symbolically doing the same for life generally. I don't have any great urge to splash incessantly, and I guess I'm reasonably generous towards others. Maybe I need to get it into my head that I can deserve some of the nicer things and damn the cost. I need to be a little more trusting that I'm actually pretty decent with money and always will be. I can't let this limit the need to upgrade things generally in life. Food for thought.


  1. Wow ... I think you've just described my idea of "rich" ... having enough money to do what one would like but not necessarily feeling the need to do it.

    My personal thoughts are that if anyone does anything out of fear, then yes ... it needs to be addressed. Once the fear is removed, then I think one needs to evaluate the "when and why" of spending money. So much spending is simply accumulating "stuff" and that comes with problems of it's own ... for us and the earth. That's not to say that we shouldn't please ourselves once in awhile but spending just because we can isn't getting a good value for one's money.

    Wonderful, thought-provoking post!

    Small Footprints

  2. Thanks, Small Footprints. I totally agree - developing a healthy relationship and approach to money is important for all of us.

  3. I wage a constant battle between what I need and what I think I need. However I have come to the conclusion ( as rationalization is a wonderful thing) that life is short; and the question begs: how do you want to spend your time ...and your money.

    As long as it doesn't land you in the poor house, you work hard for your money, treat yourself occasionally. If a new mobile will make you happy, get one.

  4. Thanks, Pond. I finally came to the same conclusion and am playing with my new toy as we speak...

  5. Yay!! Welcome to the dark side :)