Monday, 10 May 2010

Push it

It's amazing how time flies when you're really not doing anything of any worth at all. Earlier today at work I was writing a(nother) list of things that I really, really must sort out and realised that I'd been having these same thoughts only last week. And the week before. Etc. And it's not as if I don't want to get some of these things done but...Well, to be honest I probably don't really want to get some of these things done. But I NEED to get some of these things done.

And so here we are today looking for inspiration for getting on with stuff. A few things did come to mind, though, when I was procrastinating earlier. Firstly, doing, doing and doing again really doesn't necessarily get you anywhere soon. You're always doing something simply to complete it and never really enjoying it. So it's time to do a bit more of this "being" bit that the gurus keeping guiding us towards. Busy for busy sake isn't very healthy. On the same tip, I was thinking that by "being" more I could actually find a way to make the chores and tasks more interesting and entertaining. Put the "fun" into "functional", and all that. And by making the process more like play I can then appreciate the discipline required more as a skill that you develop and augment over time.

Well, this is all very stream of consciousness as you might or might or not have guessed. Bottom line is I know that there are things I want/need to do and I have to push myself in a way that works best for me. Okay, back now to tidying my spare room with some Marvin Gaye to sing along to in the background.


  1. So true Street Guru. The mundane stuff is necessary but not usually very fulfilling. As an artist I find doing simple no brainer tasks gives my brain a chance to break away and prepare for my next painting. It may appear that I'm only doing the laundry but mind wise I'm laying the ground for my next composition, choosing colors and essentially painting before I even pick up a brush. I find these moments extremely fulfilling and I get clean clothes in the process!

  2. That's a very good way of thinking about it, Ajor. Making the most of what otherwise might be viewed as mundane.