Monday, 21 November 2011

What A Fool Believes

Those nice people at Inner Space threw up an interesting comment into my inbox:

What is the meaning of life?
Why are we here?  What's it all about?

Do you try to make sense of it all by trying to understand connections between events and experiences?

Maybe the meaning is to be found in our perception - as each one of us has our own unique way of seeing and understanding things.

Or maybe it's what we do with our life that ultimately determines the meaning of life.

We could go on ad infinitum searching for answers, getting confused, frustrated or simply debating this forever. Wars have been fought over less. From a purely personal perspective, I find some value in seeing life's meaning as what I can bring to the party rather than purely what the party can bring to me.

That's just part of my belief system and that's just me. You don't have to have this view at all - but I do think it's worth having a view, any view, on it all. If nothing else, it'll help give life some context.

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