Sunday, 25 May 2014

Knowing My Financial DNA

Awareness remains a core pillar of personal development. So I was intrigued to see what insights would come to the surface when I looked into my Financial DNA. Hugh Massie’s programme is all about “discovering your unique financial personality for a quality life”. 

It’s really about becoming more aware of your blind spots and behavioural dynamics that are either holding you back or moving you forward financially. It’s packaged as primarily a tool for personal finance but, boy, it’s a real eye opener for how you look at life in general.

So what did I find out? Well, according to insights outlined in my ‘Natural Behaviour Discovery’ assessment, I am by nature a Community Builder. It says I’m all about cooperation and harmony, while being easy going, receptive, uncomplaining and forgiving. My ‘Strengths’ within this context are that I’m satisfied with the status quo, I’m focused on a balanced life, I’m approachable, I want to create a steady environment, and I allow open dialogue. Yep, I kind of assumed a fair bit of that so I’m not going to question it.

What intrigued me more, however, were what were termed as my ‘Struggles’ (or ‘Weaknesses’ to you and me). These showed that I was prone to complacency, prone to stay in my comfort zone, and that I may not set boundaries. 

Although my initial reaction was a mixture of annoyance and denial, it wasn’t long before I actually felt some relief. I’ve always talked about the concept of “growth”, whether that’s to do with personal finance or broader life itself, but have often struggled to make inroads.
Deep down I knew some of these issues all along but I was always willing to ignore, excuse or blame instead of address. It’s not that I’ll be able to change my behaviours overnight. Not much hope of that. 

But now that it’s out there in front of me on a printed piece of paper, with my name on it, I can actually stop pretending and can start using tools and strategies to make it easier for these areas to be less limiting. So whether we’re talking about finance or some other strand of your developmental story, this assessment provides an interesting insight.

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