Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Picky Domains Review: For Creative Minds

Do you ever come up with catchy names for websites? Do you want to get aid for it?

That essentially is what Picky Domains is all about. It’s a site that gives you the opportunity to provide unique domain names for companies willing to pay you for it. If they choose it, they’ll pay you from $27.50 up to (from what I’ve seen) $68.75. Even if they simply “Like” it you can earn a few cents here and there. The higher your ranking, the more opportunities you have.

What do I like?

It lets you be creative. As long as you can find domain name that haven’t already been taken you can let your creative juices flow and keep on making name suggestions. This site is all about being creative. Companies need someone else to provide the ideas and that could be you.

Earn $30 for reviewing the site. I haven’t been able to sign up for this option, given that I don’t meet all the criteria (and as a result this review is probably more balanced than most). But if you do, it could be an easy $30 for you. 

What is more challenging?

No guarantees of being selected. You can suggest as many times as you want but if the company doesn’t like it all that effort is wasted. Let’s face it, all the best .com names are already taken so you may have to scramble around for names that might interest the client.

You can’t cash out until you make $20. Imagine that you’ve offered up hundreds of different ideas but none of them are taken up. Frustrating right? Yes. But if some of them are liked but none of them are actually converted into full on sales, you won’t be able to cash in until you reach $20. They pay $0.15 to $0.38 per each “Like”. So to cash out, that’s a lot of “Likes”.

Payout may take a while. In the Terms and Conditions it mentions that contributors get paid within 30-45 days after payment has been requested. But under “Payout changes” there is a mention from 2013 of all payouts to contributors being done within a 14 day period, so I’m not entirely sure. It’s a bit confusing and I can’t remember as it’s been a while since I had the opportunity to get a payout. They do pay through PayPal, which is a plus, but if it is 30-45 days that’s a bit of a long waiting period.

To me, this is a site you should treat as a bit of fun. You won’t be able to make a lot out of it (unless you are a complete creative wordsmith). I’ve only managed to sell one name so I realize the limitations with it. Still, if you have a few spare minutes here and there, you can simply do it while watching television.

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