Thursday, 1 March 2018

Income Report: February

Progress is gradual but noticeable.

The last few months have got me thinking hard about what the heck I'm doing, so I've certainly been more intentional in a few areas.

The coaching business I have, which I don't include here, is picking up. I have a very nice short-term consulting gig lined up, and I may even have a chance to be a part-time tutor on coaching as well, which is nice.

Separately, I've also reconnected with my wish to blog. This is in no small part down to the writer Seth Godin, who basically suggests that you should just get on with it and forget about SEO, perfection, selling a product and so on. So that will be my platform for future product and service sales.

In the meantime, let's look at the income streams and what's going on there:

Resume Writing: $1,950. A decent month for me, particularly as I've cut back on the amount I want to do. Some of the figure may reflect resumes written in January but this remains the pillar for much of my online-related income.

Writing: $270. It was never going to be as much as the January figure ($1400 or so) but it's certainly picked up when consider that I probably didn't make $200 over most of 2017 in this category. I'm in two minds as to how to push forward here. From a return on investment / energy perspective I can't always justify such writing gigs, particularly if there are plenty of revisions to be made to the work done. But it's a healthy place to start, both writing gigs have more work (if I want) and it is the diversification of income I always speak about.

Amazon Merch: $0. This is a space I haven't yet mastered. I've got some pretty cool, professionally designed T-shirts ready for purchase (Dog T-ShirtCool DogPitbull) - I just need to be better at marketing them.

eBook: $6.50. I tried a free ebook promotion for a few days and, to be honest, I'm not actually sure whether it had an impact. Still, I'm all about experimenting and I'm glad that sales are still quietly ticking over.(The Simple Guide to a Winning LinkedIn Profile and Craft a Winning Resume). If everything goes to plan I will launch another book in March.

Dividends: $0. None of my stocks paid a dividend during the month. But once again I've added to my high dividend yielding portfolio, which now has an overall yield of 3% (this was the first month I've actually calculated the return in this manner), which should give me a few thousand dollars over the year.

Total: $2,226.50 (better than January's so onwards and upwards)

Looking ahead:

The goal is to still shift out of the low-value income streams into higher value. Once I've got my next book out it's time to push on with the online courses. That's where I see my value being created.

I've also not been able to make any affiliate income so far. My underutilized sites need to get to work.

There's still plenty to do but I can honestly say that I can see progress. 

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