Monday, 14 June 2010

Ball of confusion

Back on the World Cup tip, I was having a thought about the ball they're using.

What I find quite interesting is just how many players from the various teams competing seem to really hate the weight/flight/design of the ball. Quite a number of people think it's no good. But not Adidas. No, they say the ball is perfectly fine. The best ball ever - etc etc etc. I can't say that I've ever reached a pinnacle much beyond 'jumpers for goalposts' in the local park, but from the way I see it if the people it’s intended for say the product is rubbish then, well, it must be rubbish, whatever the maker would like to suggest.

Obviously, from a commercial perspective they'd never admit that they got it a bit wrong. But in a world where it's always good to see people accept when they've obviously made a mistake, it's just a shame when they choose to try to convince us otherwise.


  1. They would NEVER admit it! So excited to start watching the games this weekend :)

  2. That's very true. But it's very exciting having some great games coming up.

  3. There was a coach ... don't remember which, who was trying to call a meeting of all the coaches this week to discuss this very issue. I think it's a bit too little, too late, but I seem to remember a similar issue coming up with the ball from the European Cup two years ago.

  4. How the choice and design of the ball is left in the hands of the manufacturer without needing to consult with goalkeepers and coaches etc is beyond me.