Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Moving and moving on

I moved into my current flat about a year ago. It's not anything fancy. A decent-sized lounge, a master bedroom which backs onto a poor relation of another bedroom, a kitchen that isn't really designed for doing much cooking in, and an uninspiring view of another apartment block out of the window. But it's home for now, which is fine by me.

But I was thinking recently that I've moved around a fair bit in the last eight years or so, for one reason or another, collecting all sorts of stuff along the way. And every time I've moved I've done a bit of preening usually on a cosmetic enough level to make sure everything fits in. Well, the other day I was browsing through some boxes that I'd had in storage from the year that I lived in the US. I went through the boxes item by item. My conclusion? What a load of rubbish! It's not that I had collected crap along the way, per se, but it was more the fact that some of the stuff had been stored away over six years ago and had in essence lost some of its charm or worth. Imagine hiding away your favourite camera six years ago and then digging it up now. Use it or lose it in some ways. But it wasn't so much the technology dating in this instance. It was more the fact that I'd moved on on so many levels. It's not always easy to gauge personal development over a time period but in this case I felt I had - time and tide wasn't going to wait around for anyone's bits and bobs of six years ago.

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