Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Not that I want to have a run on death-themed blogs, but this one is going to be the third one associated with the subject in the last two months (and that's without even mentioning Jade Goody!). Trust me, I will return to my more irreverent self very soon but I thought I'd touch on the subject again as it's been a strange couple of weeks for me.

Firstly, two weekends ago my former boss lost her brave five-year fight against breast cancer. And then only last Friday, a friend took her own life. My boss was a very strong-minded, extraordinarily bright and passionate individual, who declined certain medical treatments early on, which may or may not have made a difference. My friend was cool, glamorous and gorgeous, but clearly was more of a tortured soul than any of us knew. The former was 55, the latter was 33.

While, in my head, I had originally set out to consider their relative states of being in their final days, the choices we make and the luck that life pitches at us, I think I'll keep the blog at a more simple level. No judgements, no "what ifs", no regrets. Just a special acknowledgement. You may or may not believe in an afterlife or in reincarnation, but one thing's for certain, there are friends and families still here that have been left with not only gaping gaps in their existences but also many fond memories.

So it's just really for me to say: "We'll miss you, Rima and Eve."


  1. I like your post, it was very nice. I'm sorry about your losses. I hope you are okay.

    xxhugs to you Street Guru.

  2. Many thanks, Rain. Much appreciated.