Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Something for the weekend

I was sitting at my desk on Friday afternoon, winding down and looking for a way to kill time when a colleague stopped at my desk to basically wind down and kill a bit of time as well. As we mosied through our plans for the weekend, we chatted about gym routines, his crazy fitness regimes and the all-action races that he now likes to compete in. As we chatted, another guy stopped at my desk and joined in the conversation. He too had this crazy affliction for intense endurance racing and was also doing one of these races over that weekend. As they chatted away about the merits of different energy bars and elastic strappings, I had nothing of value to add whatsoever, and for a split second felt a little jealous/unworthy/lazy (fill in the gap). Neither of the guys was gloating. It was just the way things were. This was their bag. After both had moved on, I realised a couple of things: 1) Comparison is indeed the mother of all misery (a phrase I fell upon sometime in the past and still like), and 2) I should see what they’re doing as a source of inspiration either to do something myself (but not necessarily of that ilk) or view it as a way in which I can appreciate these guys more. In other words, just leave the ego at the door, please.


  1. Oh I like that, comparison is the mother of all misery! It's so true isn't it? Comparison stalls, inspiration moves. I made that one up! Haa haa. Okay, I'm a fitness gal, and when you said "energy bars and elastic strappings"...it made me really laugh out loud! Good sense of humour!

  2. Glad to hear that you can relate to it, Rain. It's a different world to one I exist in, I'm afraid!