Sunday, 19 April 2009

Having a Plan B

I just bumped into a friend of mine while I was out hunting for some lunch. We both work in financial services industry so it didn't take long before we got onto discussing the poor state of morale at respective employers. To be fair, neither of us are in a position to cry "woe is me" as we're both working and neither have any dependents to think about. But that didn't stop us thinking about what we would do next if the brown stuff hit the proverbial fan.

You can't blame the tabloids for trying to sell newspapers and generically grouping anyone that works for such financial institutions as "bankers". Neither can you blame the public indigation over the huge excesses and losses that a number of individuals were party to (hell, I'm majorly peeved and I'm meant to be aware of some of this stuff). But at the same time, it would be equally misleading to group Harley Street surgeon with your village GP or dental nurse, for that matter. "Bankers" is way too wide a label. The vast, vast majority of us can't just walk away from our jobs and retire in our thirties, as did the 'hero' in the semi-autobiographical account "Citiboy - Fear and Loathing in the City" ( No, we need to still plan for our futures. And plan for the future is what I'm going to do. I've a few ideas about a change in career direction and as long as apply a bit more intent to these thoughts then I'm heading in the right direction - any direction is the right direction. Plan B, you're in my sights.

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