Thursday, 25 June 2009

Gene in a Bottle

I was spring cleaning a drawer a little earlier today and I fell upon a magazine page from 5 years ago. I guess I had originally ripped it out of the 'Observer Magazine' in a fit of "wow, that's kind of cool". I've fallen upon the piece a few times in recent years and each time gave it the nod of approval. And today was no different. The article was an interview with Gene_Simmons, he of the ordinately long tongue and odd make-up from the band KISS.

Now, don't get me wrong, Mr Simmons has a certain way of looking at the world that is, let's just say, unconventional. He's lived a life that's been full to the degree of scarily excessive at times. But equally he's got such a charming way of looking at stuff you don't really mind the crazier parts. A case in point is when he talks about his mother:

"Besides giving my life, she's given me the wisdom that all the holy books and philosophers have been unable to encapsulate into a single phrase, and here it is: every day above ground is a good day and nothing else matters....The secret of life doesn't matter. What it all means doesn't matter. You're doing great if you're alive...You're alive. You're in the game."

I hear you, Gene.


  1. I think that we get caught up too much in the "why" that we forget how to enjoy being alive and having a happy life!

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  3. definitely, any day above ground is a good day.

  4. Any day I'm not in jail is a good day.

  5. Many thanks for your comments Mizzholborow and I'll be checking out your blog.

    And thanks for your take on the world PettyThief! lol