Friday, 12 June 2009

Getting busy

I’ve been busy in the last few weeks, hence I haven't had a chance to actually write much on this blog. Doing what? Busy being busy. The trouble is that it’s way too easy being caught up doing random stuff that doesn't actually fundamentally mean something to you. Think of habits, activities or 'priorities' that don’t take you along your road to fulfilment, enlightenment or whatever goal you may so choose. You get clogged up but not necessarily filled up spiritually or nourished, so to speak. In The_Tao_of_Pooh , they talk about ‘Bisy Backsons’ those characters that are always busy. Busy doing things, changing everything and everyone but sometimes just for the sake of it - always “busy but back soon” . And, of course, they forget to think about relaxing for their own benefit. They work themselves to death but don’t get much of anything in return for it. The question really should be: is all that rushing about really adding any value to you?


  1. The answer is no! :)
    I was a Bisy Backson for nearly 10 years and look what happened to me!