Monday, 12 January 2009

Making an omelette

I can’t remember how old I was or where I was but my mum, my aunt, my whatever, taught me how to make an omelette. A couple of eggs, some onions, some mushrooms, some salt and pepper. Bingo. That was it. For me. Then. Over the years I’ve tried out a few other versions – add the cheese, a few more spices, a bit of milk, or Tabasco. Which way is right? Every way is right. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (or make an omelette, so to speak). And for me it’s just like the huge mountain of seminars, books, tapes, gurus and the like geared towards creating a “better you”. One size does not necessarily fit all, in my view. As long as no harm is done to anyone, my mantra is “if it works, it works”. So thinking about any brand new fad, consider which one has worked for you in the past, and maybe tinker with it to make sure that it can work for you in the future. Sometimes you’ll have the taste for a cordon bleu omelette on a fancy plate with nice shiny cutlery. And sometimes it’s worth remembering it the way your mum used to make it.

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