Thursday, 8 January 2009

What’s in a name?

Well, I’d thought about calling this blog thing 'Street Guru'. Kind of snappy, I thought. But I also thought better of it. Okay, fair enough, I’m using it as my nom de plume but I didn’t think that I had earned the right to name the whole page in such a glorified manner. So I sought inspiration from a higher power: Burt Bacharach. I was muddling around my apartment and there it was – my ‘Anthology of Burt Bacharach’ songs. So he was the inspiration. Or strictly speaking Hal David, who never gets his dues really. Hal wrote the lyrics and Burt did the music. Let’s say Hal is the prose, Burt is the poetry . Truth be told, I had tried to use “What The World Needs Now” as the blog address but some other inspired individual had nabbed it. So it was left to that much covered song “Always Something There To Remind Me” instead.

Still, combined I think the two phrases actually work quite well together really, in a state-of-the-world-kind-of-way. In these trying times people certainly are reaching out for something, anything. Maybe all they're looking to do is simply to re-connect with this world. How do we do it? Go back to basics, I guess. Keep it simple and just look around. As kids we just knew that there was so many amazing things to discover that were sitting smack bang in front of us. We just need to remember how to see things like that again. And hopefully that's what I'm here for: "Always Something There To Remind Me."

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