Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What happens next?

In that time honoured tradition of attempting to guess what banana-skin of a moment is about to happen, I've finally got round to putting a few thoughts into words. Today, I'm taking it in baby steps - seeing what stream of consciousness flows through to my fingertips and onto the page. It's taken me a good year and a half of "umming" and "ahhing" to get to this point, only to realise that in actuality the process itself only took a few minutes really to get to this point ("this point" being this point in the paragraph or even this point in the overall initial thought - whichever angle you prefer). Anyway, today is a little bit of rambling just to pat myself on the back and to say "well done, you", before I dig a little deeper another time.

So what am I all about? Well, I'm just an average guy hoping to bring a little sunshine to the occasional overcast mood or confused situation in life. I'm the type of guy that has read the books, been on the courses, done a little mentoring and basically have been myself inspired or uplifted by a variety of experiences and exposures at different times and to varying degrees. The meaning of life? Dunno. I've stopped looking. I'm happy now to be discovering. And so that's where I'm coming from - throwing my hat into the ring to say "I've got an interesting and positive take on a few things", just like all of you out there can have.

Next time, I'll hopefully have some shape to my thinkings. Today, I'm just happy to ramble away like any kid at play oblivious to his or her surroundings. This is my new toy and I'm already loving it!

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